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Turning shabby into chic

By Mel Cindil - 25 April 2022

With “Green” being the word on everyone’s lips, why not give ‘green fingered’ a new meaning by adopting these fabulous upcycling tips in your garden this summer. Not only will it give your garden a new lease of life, but it will also help in doing your bit for the environment.

Top of the pots

Instead of throwing old or unused kitchenware away, why not reuse them to create a sustainable and stylish setting for your garden? The chipped tea pot that you may not want to use for your afternoon tea can become a perfect plant pot. Simply add some soil and seeds of your choice to create this unique feel to your outdoor space.

Mirror mirror on the wall

Mirrors can often go out of fashion when homes are restyled and become more contemporary. Mirrors can completely transform your garden as they reflect the light from one corner to another, making your garden look and feel bigger. Simply add a coat of wood preserving outdoor paint and your mirror will be more than suitable to become a centre piece of your outdoor space. The trend for creating an interior design to your outdoor space is becoming more and more popular so using old and unwanted mirrors can be a great start to achieve this look. They also gain a great weathered look over time.

Dress it up

Old cupboards or dressers can complement your garden as the drawers can be pulled out to display different levels of foliage. Drawers can especially be effective when planting waterfall plants as they make a perfect edge for the plants to grow over. Even if your old cupboard doesn’t have any drawers, it can still become a great stand or centre piece to display some of your plant pots on. Why not try painting the drawers for added interest?

Re 'cycle'

Instead of throwing out the old, rusty bike that may have been in your shed for years, it can be transformed into a beautiful planter where you can add baskets or pots at the front, rear and centre of the bike. The bike can either be painted to look new or it can either be left rusty to create a vintage feel. Planting bright colour flowers will make the bike stand out more due to the contrast of colours. A welcome sign would also be a cute addition. 

Frame & Drain

Colanders allow for excellent drainage for plants so they can be transformed into cute hanging baskets or a standing plant pot. All that needs to be added is chains from your nearest DIY shop that can be easily clipped on to the colander to balance the weight of the plant. You can use an outdoor colour spray paint of your choice to transfer them into vibrant hanging baskets adding colour and brightness to your garden.

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