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Get your garden summer ready

By Lizzy Drewett - 28 May 2020

With social distancing still extremely important, the new guidelines from the government state that you can meet with family or friends in groups of no more than 6, in an outside space like your garden. While we're all going to be taking it slowly to begin with, as the months go on, we're looking forward to reuniting with those we haven't been able to see. Even if you are someone who is having to self isolate for a longer period, with the weather warming up, these tips and ideas will still be beneficial for you, to create an outdoor space you love. So what better time to get your garden ready for the summer ahead?

Maintenance and a spring tidy

Keep on top of the weeds, mow the lawn and why not pick up some new plants now that your local garden centre has likely reopened? Check out websites like RHS and Gardener's World for ideas on flowers and plants. 

Put up a pergola

A pergola can transform your whole garden and create sections. Whether you choose to keep your barbeque under it or you create a seating area with lights, they're so versatile and look great!

Festoon Lights

Now festoon lights not only look amazing on a pergola, but they also look great strung along your fence or hung in a tree. Again, a versatile item that can add holiday vibes to your garden!

Outdoor furniture and cushions

Outdoor furniture can be expensive, but refreshing what you've already got doesn't have to be. Purchase candles and outdoor cushions for a reasonable price to make your garden furniture look brand new. 

We hope our simple tips for getting your garden summer ready have helped! Remember to support local garden centres and shops during this time. If you are thinking of purchasing some new garden accessories, try local first if you can!