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Your moving house checklist

26th February 2021

It's no secret that moving house can feel overwhelming. Picking up your worldly possessions and trying to keep track of what's where, all while trying to remain excited rather than stressed can be challenging!

That's why we've put together a moving checklist to breakdown your to-do list when it comes to organisation and the logistical side of moving.

1. Organise paperwork

Let's get the boring (but very important) bit out of the way first! Moving is the perfect time to organise your paperwork. You have to move it anyway, so why not have a clear out and reorganise at the same time?

Start filing your paperwork into categories, we suggest the below:


Take a good look at all your paperwork and really decide if you need to keep hold of it or if it can go on the shredding pile. There's no point lugging excess paperwork around and cluttering up your new home!

2. Strategic packing

Avoid just chucking things into boxes as you'll have a much more painful job at the other end!

When it comes to clothes, if you're opting for a moving company, they will often be able to wrap your chest of drawers with the clothes and items still inside. They can also keep the items in your wardrobe hung on rails so they can simply be hung in their new location.

If you're managing the whole move yourself, try colour coded stickers. Each member of the family has a colour for their clothing and another colour for miscellaneous items. This way, when you're unpacking the van, everyone knows what's theirs and where their items go once they're in their new space!

3. The change of address

Try to redirect your post as soon as possible. It's a menial task but needs doing and it'll feel good to tick it off!

Categorize who you need to contact with our examples:

Banking and credit card companies
Pension providers
Any investments
Store loyalty cards
Your doctors surgery
Any subscriptions (print or postal)

While you're at it, let family and friends know your new address. Doing this via email is probably the quickest and most reliable way to do it.

4. Prepping your home for it's new owner

In the current climate, carrying out a deep clean is not only etiquette, but also minimises the risk of bacteria spreading.

5. And finally...

Put your feet up and enjoy your new home!

We hope our checklist has helped with your move. If you follow it, it should mean that unpacking is easy as pie! Meaning more time to settle in with a takeaway!

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