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Wishful thinking vs wishful reality

By Lizzy Drewett - 05 May 2020

Wishful thinking vs wishful reality

We're all aware that things have changed hugely over the last six weeks. After speaking to our colleagues, friends and family we've realised that many of our wildest wishes have actually changed in line with life slowing down. Where previously we may have wished for the latest car, a bigger home, more money, we're now wishing for the simpler things in life, like being able to spend time with loved ones and enjoying outside space and walks! 

It got us thinking that we can't be the only ones whose attitudes towards things have changed?

So as part of our new campaign, Wishful thinking vs wishful reality, we want to hear from you! What's changed for you during this time? What do you now long for and how does that compare to what you previously wished for? 

When life goes back to basics, it really does make you appreciate the little things. And maybe these are the things we should've been focussing on all along? 

Put together your wishful thinking vs your new wishful reality in a video and send it in to us. Alternatively, send it in via email with an image.

We're in this together and we would love for as many people as possible to take part. Let's inspire each other and feel less alone. #cometogether

Send your wishful thinking vs wishful reality into 

If we can help make your wishes a reality, whether you wish for a garden or even to declutter and downsize, get in touch.