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Top tips on moving home

7th August 2017

Moving to a new area? Here are our top tips to help ease moving house

Whilst many 'keep it local' by moving a relatively short distance across the County, often further away from London, to others it will be a move across the country to start again in a new area, often with a new job.

In conjunction with our friends at NAEA Propertymark and OnTheMarket, here's our top tips to ensure those long distance moves run smoothly.

Visit the new area

It can take six to eight months to feel at home in a new town, so make sure you are happy with the location of your new house. It's worth visiting the new area a few times to get your bearings spend some time driving around surrounding towns and villages. This will also help with finding transport links.

If you go to, youâ??ll find a huge amount of information to help you choose your new location including videos of the area and interactive maps of nearby schools including OFSTED reports, pupil/teacher ratio and much more.

Check out the commute

If your move involves a new job it makes sense to check out the journey at commute time. What may look easily 'do-able' based on where you are now is likely to be considerably different if you are close to London especially if you to go in with the traffic whether that is by car or train. Never underestimate how a hard commute can affect your work/life balance.

Settle the children

If children are moving with you, make sure you take them on a tour of the new area to point out schools, local parks and opportunities for social activities. The best time of year to move with children is usually before the start of a new school year, or at the beginning of a new term, because this will give them more time to settle in.

Talk to people

Speak to the existing owner or landlord/tenant of the property you intend to buy or rent, as well as the neighbours. Not only do they have the local knowledge but you'll also get a feel as to what they'll be like as neighbours!

Ask them about the best things to do in the area and for information on local events. Also have they had any issues with the property you are interested in? It's hardly the best way to start a new life in a new area if you find out there's been a long running dispute over for example, a boundary.

Recommendations for local services such as doctors and dentists are also important, as well as takeaway menus for that first night after a long moving day!

Prepare your pets

If you have any pets, it would be worth taking a trip to your new area in advance so they can also get a sense of their new home. You could even arrange for them to be looked after while you move, as this will minimise stress for you and them on moving day.

Service your car

Before the day you move in, if you're driving to your new location, it's worth servicing your car beforehand to minimise any chance of a breakdown during your journey. Also stop regularly for breaks and speak to your removal company because they are governed by strict rules around the length of time drivers can travel for. And a full removal lorry can't go very fast! You will want your belongings to arrive the same day that you do.

Long distance moving can be stressful enough but with careful planning and organisation, you can ensure moving day runs smoothly!

Plan ahead

Obvious we know, but it may take time to get your children into a school of your choice, if it's one that's popular for you, it will often be for others too which can mean they are over-subscribed.

Removal companies are highly experienced in moving long distances but as we said earlier, removal lorries aren't the fastest mode of transport so it will mean the vehicle, and the removal men, will be committed to a long return journey which means a last minute move could be nigh on impossible. So try and get them to at least pencil in a likely date as early as possible and confirm it with them before you are committed to your moving date.

Don't forget the £s

Plan your budget! Bear in mind that removal costs will be based on distance so get a quote very early on so you can budget accordingly. Also remember that if you are moving from a less expensive area, not only will the properties cost you more but so will the cost of living!

Top stress buster tip for a long move

Moving into a new property in an unknown area following a long journey is likely to be stressful and very tiring especially with the children in tow. If you can, why not travel down the day before and stay at a local hotel? It'll be exciting for the kids and you'll be fresh on moving day itself.

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