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Q&A with Nicki Treffers' - Tips on Upcycling and Restyling in the Home

By Lizzy Drewett - 25 March 2020

Whilst we all have some extra time on our hands, there is no excuse to put off starting on a new project at home. Whether you want to get creative and try redesigning some areas in your home or you've got one item of furniture that needs a spruce up.  

Director of New Business and Marketing for Beresfords, Nicki Treffers is no stranger to interior styling and upcycling, having designed and created a number of our New Homes Division's show houses. In her own personal time she enjoys renovating items of furniture and areas of the home.

We've asked her a few questions about how to get started! 

  1. Where do you begin if you want to restyle an area of your home? 

    I usually look at what I am not happy with in the home and start from there. I then assess what the cost implications and how feasible it will be, for example if I will need labour. Sometimes when I get bored of a room, I create a whole different look and feel simply by purchasing new cushions and throws, it works wonders. 

  2. What are your favourite items for bringing an interior look together?  

    I am a cushion addict! I love a good textile. Curtains/throws/soft furnishings can make such a dramatic difference

  3. How can upcycling add to the look of a home or room?

    Sometimes we fail to look at an objects potential. Painting furniture can create a whole new look to a room. I recently moved into a new house and didn't want to spend a fortune on a new kitchen, so by changing the worktop, kitchen handles and adding a cheap metro tile I, in essence, created a whole new kitchen - but saved thousands. 

  4. Any top tips on upcycling and repurposing items of furniture?

    Yes - go to charity shops and boot sales rather than opting to buy new. One persons junk can be another's treasure. I have salvaged so many great pieces and people often ask where I got items from, it makes it extra special knowing they are unique. Think before you throw - experiment with items you feel are tired or lacking in charm.

  5. Where's the best place to gain inspiration?    

    If you are unsure or lack confidence, look at the likes of Pinterest for inspiration. There are so many clever hits, tips and ideas. Its the perfect time to take advantage of such platforms. Youtube is great for tutorials too.

We're definitely feeling more inspired to make some changes around the home with these great tips! What will you be working on? We'd love to hear of any renovations or upcycling you're doing, let us know on our social media channels - Facebook