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Know your home inside and out when it comes to selling

By the Beresfords Marketing Team

Many of us are less than confident when approached in the street and asked for directions, and invariably we hesitate or seem unsure.
However, whenit comes to selling your home it is vital that you and your agent are 100%confident about not only the house, but the surroundings, local amenities andwhat it costs to run your home.
As an agentit is our role to market and portray a property to its full potential on behalfof the seller, however whatreally puts the seller in the driving seat when it comes to a viewing is theextra local information they can pass onto a potential buyer – often as essential asknowing the details of your own home.
Things to be familiar with include:
The location of the local amenities: schools, libraries, post office, GP surgery, supermarkets basically anything that you yourself would want to know about a new area.
Local transport: how regularly the bus services run, how long it takes to get to the train station and journey times into London.
Your homes running costs. Give potential buyers an idea of how much you pay for your gas/electricity bills and let them know if you are on a water meter.
The reputation of public schools in the area and where they stand in the league tables.
You may also be asked what you like most about your home. Have a careful think about this; it may not be to with any part of the house but perhaps the local community, countryside walks, how close it is to local amenities etc.

Giving potential buyers those extrasnippets of information will not only impress them, but may also provide that key piece of information to persuade them that the location of your house is the one for them.

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