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It's knot just any old weed!

By Nicki Treffers - 23 November 2017

At first glance it looks just like any other weed, but actually this plant is a nasty piece of work!

Japanese Knotweed has been growing in England since Victorian times, but is now more widespread and commonly found around derelict buildings, hedgerows and gardens.

As it spreads it can extenuate any existing damage to driveways, drains, walls and floors. As a result, the related issues can become more expensive to repair.

Japanese Knotweed can often be confused with other plants such as Lilac and Dogwood, but it does retain certain characteristics which make it easier to identify.  The early shoots are red growing into green bamboo like canes.  Red stems grow directly from the canes with green, shield shape leaves and a string of white flowers in the summer.  At the end of the year, the shoots turn brown and die back, and in winter it is often undetectable.

Due to the potential damage the plant can cause, some mortgage lenders often deem properties with Japanese Knotweed to be unsuitable security for a mortgage.  In our view, this can often be an over-reaction as when tackled, once and for all, there are no long term on-going risks to a property.  Specialist companies can offer treatments which guarantee to kill the plants, and then any remains are removed.

If you are considering purchasing a property and want to be sure that it is structurally sound, contact Cheke & Co we will be pleased to undertake a suitable inspection and provide a detailed report and any related recommendations.

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