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Branch manager finds surgeon dream home following operation

By Lizzy Drewett - 16 March 2020

A couple of months ago, manager of the Beresfords Witham branch, Jordan Burnham was in hospital having an operation. After he had recovered and returned to work, he met a couple looking for a new home. Mr and Mrs Wadhwa were looking for a home in a village that would be suitable for them and their young son. They started discussing priorities and requirements when Mr Wadhwa felt that there was something familiar about Jordan.

After they had met a few times, Mr Wadhwa asked Jordan if he had recently been in hospital. Jordan said yes, he had, and he then realised that Mr Wadhwa had recently been his surgeon!

Mr Wadhwa reminded Jordan that when he had come round from surgery, still dazed from the anaesthetic, he had told Mr Wadhwa that he would find his family their dream home one day.

Now that their paths had crossed again, Jordan knew he had to keep his promise!

After viewing one property with Mr and Mrs Wadhwa, Jordan came across a house that he thought would be perfect for them. Even though it was a little different to their original specification and it was in a new location that they had never considered, Jordan knew they just had to see the house, even if it was just to rule it out.

The couple agreed to view the house and when they arrived, they were instantly blown away. Jordan said, “Their exact words were ‘Wow!’ when they stepped inside the house for the first time!” They made an offer on their first visit and it was quickly accepted.

The family moved in soon after and are now settled and enjoying their dream home. Mrs Wadhwa says “The highlight of the experience was being shown our house as an alternative to another property, in a different village which we hadn't even considered. Also, the commitment to the sale in terms of making it work for both parties. The communication especially from Jordan was outstanding, truly above and beyond. This includes excellent after sales service.”

“Our favourite thing about our new home is the modern design and flow through the house, as well as being a great space to entertain in.”

She also said “The location is outstanding, close to local amenities including things to do for little ones, quiet and not on a through road. Our favourite thing about our new home is the modern design and flow through the house, as well as being a great space to entertain in.”

When asked what they would say to someone thinking about buying or selling their property, Mrs Wadhwa said, “I would highly recommend the Beresfords sales experience, from start to finish they have been outstanding, truly going above and beyond in every way to make it a smooth experience for us. I can honestly say I fully trusted Jordan and never felt stressed at all throughout the process.” 

Jordan said “I was so pleased to have found Mr and Mrs Wadhwa their dream house and it’s great to hear they’re settling in so well. We both have young children and I know the area well, so I’ve been recommending some good things for them to do as a family!”

If you’re looking for your dream home and want people who truly care to help, speak to your local branch today.