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Add some character to your new build property

25th November 2020

When it comes to buying a property, you may know which style you like and be certain that's the way to go. Perhaps you adore beams and fireplaces in which case you may not immediately think a new build is for you. There are certainly pros and cons to buying a brand new property and buying one which has been lived in or an older property.

While an older property typically has more character, there are plenty of ways to add character post-build.

Depending on your style and what your priorities are when it comes to your interiors, there are a few things to consider when choosing a house type. If you do opt for new build, we've put together a few simple ways to inject some character into the property that won't cost the earth.

When you step into a new build property, it'll be sparkling clean, cupboards untouched, brand new flooring and you'll begin thinking about how you can put your stamp on it. Character doesn't have to come from structural features, the furniture you choose can add character in a different way.

Opting for classic pieces, in classic fabrics will bring a touch of luxury to your new home. Fabrics like linen and brushed cotton are ideal for sofas and bed frames.

A leather chair and even a chesterfield would work beautifully in an office or home study, plus, who's to say you couldn't add your own wood burner for that added touch of character?

When it comes to coffee tables, desks and wooden units, choosing a walnut wood or even a shabby oak will give your living space added flare.


Opting for rich colours can bring real depth to a room, especially if it began its life very neutral painted in magnolia! Whether you're brave enough to paint the walls a deep rich navy or olive (the colour of the season!) or whether you want to incorporate these colours by using accessories, this is a great way to bring a room to life.


When it comes to new build properties, there is sometimes the option to choose your kitchen style and flooring. If you don't get this option, there are still ways to amend the kitchen without spending a fortune. If your kitchen has come with standard door handles, changing these for a more classic door handle, in brushed metal or even bronze, will immediately add character. Your kitchen accessories can also make the world of difference. Consider on-trend gold or copper.

Light fittings and photo frames:

Accessories like light fittings and photo frames should be consistent. If you've opted for gold or bronze in the kitchen, carrying this through into other areas of the property adds continuity and style throughout.

If a new home is on your radar, get in touch with our Land & New Homes division today.

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