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A conversation with Billy Hiron

By The Beresfords Marketing Team - 06 January 2022

With such a variety of roles being taken on here at Beresfords, we thought it would be a great idea to delve into the thoughts of some of our team and find out how they are getting on and what they love about their jobs. Today we speak to Apprentice Trainee Property Consultant Billy Hiron from our Shenfield Branch about how he is finding his time with us so far. Enjoy the read!

So Billy! Thank you for your time today, we know how busy things are at the moment. Perhaps let's start with how long you have been at Beresfords, what you do here and what you like most about your role.

BILLY: I have been working at the Shenfield Office for just over 1 year. I started last November, coming straight into another lockdown was quite a tricky start! I create a lot of viewings with potential buyers and also arrange for valuations to be carried out whilst offering other services available if theyre interested. This might include advice from Flagstone Financial regarding their mortgage. Also, when we get instructed to sell a property, post valuations, I carry out virtual tours of each property. This is amazing when creating these for houses on Hutton Mount as they’re really impressive properties! I most enjoy conducting the viewings, meeting new people, and helping them find the property they are looking for to then proceed with their lives in. It is always exciting when a buyer completes on a property because the feeling received when you witness how happy a buyer is, is unmatched.

Agreed! There's nothing better than a smiling face after what can seem like a challenging process for our buyers and vendors. So Billy, you're one of our apprentices, how is the apprenticeship going for you? And how are you finding it alongside your role?

BILLY: I am finding my apprenticeship interesting, it is focused more on the law side of the industry, you understand why certain parts of marketing are disallowed and why. It definitely benefits myself working alongside studying the course, I manage my timings for revision and outstanding work actions accordingly. Learning whilst working helps because you are repeatedly made aware during the course of how roles should be carried out, for example, being completely transparent with clients if there are clear defects of a property. You can relate to the course when being taught a new section of the criteria and compare it to how you have managed the situation.

Interesting, it seems both are working hand in hand relatively well, which is great news! What would you say is the 'thing' you most look forward to about coming to work?

BILLY: When coming to work, I am most excited about the new challenges the day will face, every phone call we make/receive has a different story on the other side, whether there is a buyer looking to make an offer on a property, a vendor looking to sell and choosing to market with us or even sales progression. Each appointment is also different, visiting different properties is always interesting as you see how other people live. As mentioned before, when going to a property on Hutton Mount, you commonly fall in love with the property and wish you lived there, being located where it is also makes it further desirable.

Ooo! That is great that you are enthusiastic about new daily challenges as they allow you to grow, and there is always room for growth in work and in life! What about your favourite memory so far? Can you think of one?

BILLY: My favourite memory whilst working here at Beresfords has to be when I held my first ever viewing. Although the first time is a nerving thought when thinking about carrying out the viewing, after time and once you’ve held multiple viewings, you adapt to meeting new buyers daily and taking them round properties with ease, holding the knowledge of the property which buyers may enquire about or need to know further information on.

Ah yes! I think most Property Consultants remember their first viewing. It's one of those moments you'll never forget. I've got one more question for you Billy; why do you think others should choose Beresfords as their place of work?

BILLY: Others should choose Beresfords because it is a good team to be a part of. Everyone here works for each other, when someone is struggling with a specific situation then colleagues are always there to help. My colleague Rebecca completed the apprenticeship just as I started my course, this has given me further assistance if I have any questions about anything apprenticeship or work-related, I am never afraid to ask her. I am also able to ask anyone within the office if I did need help with a certain occurrence. I noticed that Beresfords across all branches are like this, my office; Shenfield, is in close contact with our Brentwood, Billericay & Ingatestone branches also and we have quick accessibility to these branches, whether a spare camera was needed, a query or even if we had a vendor who is looking to locate to their area, we can give their details to them and then when a property does come on, keep them in close contact to get them straight in for viewings if we believed they were going to be interested in this property. Beresfords is a good company to be working at as they provide multiple resources for yourself to grow throughout your knowledge and career. They also offer multiple opportunities for individuals to take on a challenge and benefit from it, for example, myself and multiple others within the business partaking in an apprenticeship.

That's what it is all about Billy! What a brilliant conversation, thank you for spending the time with us today. We're feeling grateful. Continue the great work!

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