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Comprehensive coverage and local expertise

Securing a high quality tenant should be a priority for any landlord. The more coverage a property receives when released into the market, the greater the chance of generating serious interest from professional working tenants.

Beresfords retain a large network of branches which are spread throughout Essex, into Greater and Central London. As a result at any given time we retain more than 700 tenants who are actively searching for property. Last year alone more than 10,000 tenants registered with us searching for suitable accommodation.

Local expertise
Landlords must always feel confident that their chosen agent retains sufficient experience of the lettings industry and the local area where the property is located.

Although many of our competitors experience a high turnover of staff, it’s a different story at Beresfords. Numerous staff members have been with us for many years and generally remain in the same location, which means they develop extensive knowledge of their local market.

Our personnel are also encouraged to acquire professional qualifications linked to the lettings industry to ensure they are well versed on related legislation and best practice.

All of this can be particularly relevant when advising on rents, potential investment ‘hot spots’, yields and a landlords legal responsibilities.

On average more than 700 active tenants registered with us searching for property
Over 10,000 tenants register with us every year searching for accommodation.