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Access to corporate and international tenants

The number of people relocating from abroad to work in the UK is ever increasing and Central London, as well as its outlying counties, are a popular choice to set up home.

Often the sky high rents in Central London prove too expensive for many. Essex proves a popular alternative with its excellent schools and commuter links into the Capital.

However when first arriving in the UK many working professionals will not be aware of what Essex has to offer and instead register with Central London agents.

The London Office, which is located in Central London, provides our landlords with direct access to these types of tenants but also to 'blue chip' companies who ask that we source suitable rented accommodation for many of their employees. In fact we already retain long standing relationships with a number of organisations.

Very few of our local competitors will be represented in the Capital so their landlords could be missing out on this valuable group of high quality tenants.

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Generating professional tenants from abroad