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Property Videos - FAQs


I have never taken a video on my phone before is there anything I need to know?
Yes- when taking a video of your home, you will need to ensure you take the video in a landscape format (simply ensuring you tilt your phone length ways) this will help when we upload the content to our website, to ensure it can be viewed correctly.


How hard is it to make a video?
It's actually quite simple. If you have an iPhone you can use the icon on your phone known as iMovie to create a video. You can also open the camera and choose 'video' this too can help create a home tour.


What do I need to consider when I'm making the video?
Ensure that your home looks presentable and tidy. Turn off all sound outlets such as TV, radio. Make sure you walk slowly around each room showing the properties best features, try to avoid mirrors and reflections. It's important that the video is not too long, the average should be around 2-3 minutes.


How do I send the video?
Open your browser and type in '' click on 'send file' then you will see an 'add file' icon appear click on the '+ sign' and it will give you the option to add from your 'photo library' or 'documents' (depending where you saved the video). Click the video then 'done'. Click 'next' then select 'send an email'. Choose this option rather than a link, as you will receive a download notification then 'next' add the recipients email address and below add your own, then click 'transfer'. You will then receive a verification code to your email 'click verify' and you're done!


Where will my property feature?
We will use your property video on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook as well as sending it to potential purchasers and prospective tenants that we have on our database. It will also appear on our award winning website that receives tens of thousands of visitors each month.


What if I don't want my property video on all platforms?
We will discuss with you what you are happy and comfortable with. We can keep the video tour to send to clients that are particularly interested in your property/area. This is a more discreet approach.


Has this approach been successful?
Yes - We have received multiple offers using this method. We understand this approach is slightly unconventional, however the safety of our clients and staff is paramount at this particular time.