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Your most valuable asset could be beneath your feet!

22 October 2020

If you have…
• Commercial property
• Redundant outbuildings
• Substantial gardens
• Brown/greenfield land
You could be sitting on a more valuable asset than you ever realised. Land with potential for development has become increasingly sought after and the Land Division at Beresfords has extensive experience in the local area.

Developments Beresfords have achieved planning permission for include:
• 4 units in Lexden, Colchester
• The demolition of an existing house to make way for a block of
8/9 apartments within Chelmsford
• The conversion of a former equestrian centre within Havering
for a scheme of houses.
We offer free site appraisals to assess viability. Planning needn’t be an expensive process and many developers prefer ‘subject
to planning’ deals, so landowners are free to explore the potential of their land without incurring costs for themselves.

If you think your land may have development potential, contact our land specialist team.
Call: 01245 447938 Email: