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Lockdown lifted for property market

By Terry Holmes - 14 May 2020

Let’s be honest, we’re not out of the woods yet but there are clear signs that we’re well onto the much quoted ‘downward curve’ and as a result we’re starting to see a relaxation in the restrictions that have dominated all our lives over the last couple of months.

This includes the Government announcing that from the 13th May moving home, and activities around it such as viewing property, can take place as long as it can be done safely and they have given guidance on how this can be achieved.

We will work to that guidance to protect both our customers and colleagues.

With that in mind our branches will re-open as soon as it is safe to do so with appropriate measures being taken. We had planned for this point in time and those plans are now being put in place.

We realise that some people, especially those that are elderly or have underlying health conditions, may have concerns especially with regard to contact with others. We will help in every way we can and respect those concerns, understanding that for some, this simply may not be the right time for them.

Despite the restrictions so far, interest in moving home has remained remarkably high. We adapted very quickly to the situation by introducing virtual viewings and valuations and using video calls. This has meant that we have been very busy over the last couple of months helping people who want to move home to be in the right position to do just that as soon as it was practical to do so.

That’s important as there is a real desire from people to get back to normal, or as close to it as they can, as soon as possible. After all, if you’re moving for a specific purpose, lockdown is unlikely to have changed the reasoning behind that move. In fact, for many, lockdown will have highlighted the space limitations of their existing property or proved how easy it is to work from home.

And if you are a seller or landlord with an empty property, your motivation probably won’t have changed at all.

So if moving is still very much on your mind, you can contact us by phone, email or using our online chat service.