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Helping children get online schooling

By Terry Holmes - 11 June 2020

Life is tough enough for everyone at the moment and the internet, for a huge number of people, has been the only way that they can stay in touch with family, friends, work and school.

What we forget is that not everyone has access to the internet. If you think about it like that, how would you have got by if you were one of those people? 

For some schoolchildren, even in affluent areas across Essex, schooling at home has been almost impossible. Some have no internet, some have no computer or not one that works. Some have to share with parents working from home and other school age siblings. 

Head Teacher David Barrs summed it up when he said “There was, and still is a serious danger of the gap widening between the haves and have nots. We remain very concerned about young people coming back into school at whatever point in the future and being far behind in terms of their education”.

A Government scheme has been launched but Anglo European will only get a third of what’s needed and they don’t know when this will be. Parents have rallied round to help but there’s still a shortfall so Beresfords has stepped in and donated £1,000 towards buying more laptops. 

Beresfords CEO, Paul Beresford, added “It’s great to be able to help such a worthy initiative. Education is vital, especially whilst children are homebound, we have to ensure they are still able to thrive an access resources that are key to their development.

“When we found out the efforts the school and parents were going to, we were eager to help"