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Beresfords launch food bank appeal

By Nicki Treffers - 27 June 2019

Beresfords Group having recently launched and appeal across all sixteen of their branches, to encourage local people to drop in food items to donate to Essex based food banks.

Senior Group Marketing Manager Nicki Treffers said ‘I wasn’t aware until recently, but 14 million people across the UK are living in poverty. This doesn’t always mean being homeless or on the streets, but actually struggling to survive day to day. More often than not this can mean being unable to afford one of the very basic human rights – food.

 We are encouraging people to donate non-perishable  items to one of our many drop off stations across our branches, so that we can help a number of food banks that are in need.

Even somethings as small as a tin of tomatoes or bag of rice can make a difference. Its times like school holidays, when families really run into difficulty. So time is truly of the essence.

To find out where your local branch is located or to find out more about the appeal go to